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Plays and combines various professional fields of what we‘re used to call design – deliberately and with pleasure

one of these fields being product design in its conventional meaning, involving not only knowledge and experience of constructions, materials and industrially applied processing techniques, but also an understanding of the dynamics of corporate r+d processes has been designing medical, sanitary and technical equipment for years as well as furniture and other consumer goods

likes what Eames meant when he pointed out that design essentially is about the intelligent handling of constraints

on the other hand there is a profound interest in teaching, for quite a number of years at universities (> Professor at University of the Arts Berlin, China Academy of Art, University of Seoul), recently also in a self-initiated cooperation with a primary school, trying to transfer a small dose of design thinking and a bigger dose of design making to these young pupils (> Tiere und Töne)

two decades ago there was the idea of setting up a promotional award for young designers, encouraging them to a critical view on their profession and challenging them to put down their findings in well-designed writing to be eventually published (> bf-preis), and me heading the jury all along



Leibnizstraße 33
D-10625 Berlin

M +49 . 179 . 208 66 46
T +49 . 30 . 31 01 53 31